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A Walk in the countryside The "Genniauri" countryside is at the foot of the mountain between Sarroch and Villa S.Pietro (CA). A five km route to discover landscapes, agro-pastoral culture and a local legend. Mediterranean scrub, fluvial flora, centuries-old olive trees, historic dry stone walls and rural churches along the ancient Via di S. Efisio within the historic village dedicated to San Giorgio or "Barraccas…

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You can choose different routes: 1) Giants tombs and Nurage Sa Domu and S’orcu for those curious to know the Sardinian Nuragic and pre-Nuragic historical period 2) Nora Archaeological area to get to know an ancient Phoenician city (8th century BC) at the foot of the sea and its Roman amphitheatre. 3) Romanesque and Baroque churches (12th and 16th centuries), small rural historic centres located…

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Crystal clear sea and white sand… .. by car or by bike, very close throw from our farm. Nora A short distance from the town of Pula, this beach is never extremely crowded, is located between the lagoon (a system of canals and small islands created by the delta of Rio Arrieras, with a luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation and many species of birds) and the sea.…

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