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The oil

From the surname of “Su Cappeddu” owners, Cartesio oil comes from a small artisan production and is obtained exclusively from Bosana variety, a prestigious cultivar widespread throughout Sardinia.

The olives are harvested during October, at the “herbaceous” stage, a phase in which the olives are rich in chlorophyll and the oil obtained contain many antioxidants.

Our oil is intensely fruity, with a good aromatic charge and a slightly spicy taste, scent of thistle-artichoke and aromatic herbs.

Tips and combinations:

Our oil is excellent to be enjoyed raw (cold and hot dishes).

A simple “drizzle” of Cartesio oil will be enough to enrich a dish.

How do we taste it in Su Cappeddu?

In the morning, during breakfast, on a slice of wholemeal bread or carasau bread.

For lunch on a nice salad or top of some slices of freshly cut fennel and / or artichoke and a pinch of salt.

Pressing-milling period: November-December

The apricot compote

The name of the fruit compote comes from the Sardinian term “Su Piricoccu” (apricot). It is the new processed product of 2021, available only in 180-gram format. Obtained from the selection and mix of our best varieties, harvested at the right point of ripeness. Contains 75% fruit.

Suggestions and combinations:

Su Piricoccu is excellent for breakfast or snack, or to garnish homemade fruit-based desserts. Also good with cheeses.

Period of production and harvest: May-June-July 

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